Refund & Cancellation

2.1. After registering, logging into the App and clicking the call button, the nearest taxi will be directed to the Passenger and in case the Driver accepts the directed call; information related to the Driver and the taxi will be delivered to the Passenger.


2.2. TUKXI provides bests efforts to ensure that the information of the directed taxi (estimated arrival time, the distance from the vehicle to the Passenger etc.) is accurate. However, TUKXI cannot be held responsible in case this information does not reflect 100% true information.


2.3. After this step, the Passenger may click the cancel button to cancel the trip. Otherwise, the Passenger will be deemed to have accepted to wait for the taxi and get in the taxi when it arrives. The Passenger may cancel the trip for free within the first 2 minutes after a Driver has been designated. If the Passenger cancels 2 minutes after a Driver is designated, the following conditions apply:

  • the passenger will be warned about his/her first unfair cancellation and that after such first unfair cancellation, she/he will be charged for any subsequent unfair cancellations; and
  • the Passenger will be charged Indian 25 Rupees per cancellation for any subsequent unfair cancellations after the first one.


2.4. The Passenger will need to add the Online Payment System for her/him to be able to make a call on the App following the cancellations after the first unfair cancellation. The charges specified in this Clause will be collected through the Online Payment System. The e-invoice of the cancellation fee will be sent to the Passenger’s e-mail address.


2.5. The Driver may cancel the trip after waiting 2 minutes at the pick-up location. In such case, the Passenger will be charged a cancellation fee of Indian 25 Rupees. This cancellation fee will be collected through the Online Payment System, and the Passenger will initially need to pay the cancellation fee through the Online Payment System in order to make another call on the App. The e-invoic7e of the cancellation fee will be sent to the e-mail address of the Passenger.


2.6. In cases where the Driver does not arrive to the pickup location and does not approach the relevant location, no cancellation fee will be collected from the Passenger. Also, no cancellation fee will be charged in connection with the Passenger’s cancellation of the trip 2 minutes after the estimated arrival time.


2.7. TUKXI reserves its right to block the Passenger from the App in case the Passenger does not wait for the designated taxi or does not get in the taxi without a valid reason


2.8. The Passenger is obliged to pay the entire price of the trip she/he has made using the App.


2.9. The Passenger can select the vehicle type through the App, the fares vary according to the selected vehicle type


2.10. The Passenger can hail a taxi by entering the destination via the App. The fee and arrival time calculated over the App upon insertion of a destination are estimates. Bridge and highway toll fees are not included in the estimated fees. The fee and arrival time may differ depending on the route and/or the traffic preference of the Driver and/or Passenger. TUKXI will not be responsible for any fee/time differences.


2.11. The Passenger will be liable to pay the toll fees (for bridges and highways, etc.) which are clearly stated in the relevant legislation, in addition to the fee determined in the taxi’s taximeter for the fares conducted using the App. No fees can be charged to the Passenger other than the aforementioned ones.


2.12. The Passenger may pay for the trip by using her/his credit card or debit card through the payment system provided in the App (“Online Payment System”). If the Passenger chooses to pay for the trip via the Online Payment System, the payment will be deemed to have paid to the Driver upon payment to “Tukxi India”  via the Online Payment System; and the Passenger will not be obliged to pay the Driver any money.

2.13. The Passenger will be required to enter her/his credit or debit card information onto the Online Payment System once, after which she/he will be able to use the Online Payment System without being required to enter additional information. At the discretion of the Passenger, she/he may enter one credit or debit card information to the Online Payment System. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to enter and use of payment information onto the Online Payment System.

2.14. For payments made via the Online Payment System, if the credit card or bank card is used illegally by someone other than the legitimate card holder, necessary actions as set out in the by Reserve Bank of India,


If a transaction has taken place without Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA and received complained that the transaction is not effected by her / him, the issuer bank shall reimburse the loss to the customer without demur. Further, liability of a customer in case of an unauthorized electronic transaction is limited as per the provisions of RBI circulars DBR.No.Leg.BC.78/09.07.005/2017-18 dated July 6, 2017DCBR.BPD.(PCB/RCB).Cir.No.06/12.05.001/2017-18 dated December 14, 2017, and DPSS.CO.PD.No.1417/02.14.006/2018-19 dated January 4, 2019.


2.15. TUKXI may use 3D i.e. Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA), secure option for payment transactions to ensure information security.


2.16. Upon completion of the trip, the Driver will enter the taximeter fare in the Driver application for payment. Except where cash payment is selected by the Passenger, the payment page will appear automatically based on their total distance and riding time interval taken on the Passenger’s screen and the Passenger will be requested to pay the requested payment amount. The payments may be reflected to the Passenger’s bank account in the form of a single or separate payment totaling to the trip fare, depending on the Passenger’s bank’s procedures.


2.17. The Passenger may choose to tip the Driver for any desired amount (“Tip”) with a single click before pressing the “Confirm” button. In such case the Tip will automatically be added to the total fare amount and will be collected from the Passenger simultaneously with collection of the fare amount. Tipping is optional and depends on the Passenger satisfaction.


2.18. If the displayed amount on the payment screen for payments made over the Online Payment System is wrong or more than given amount or for any payment related issues, the Passenger can report or raise ticket under column “Payment related issues”

2.19. If the credit card or debit card being used on the Online Payment System does not have sufficient limit or the credit card payment cannot be processed for any other reason, the Passenger can use another previously saved credit card or save a new credit card in order to make the payment.


2.20. If the payment cannot be processed via Online Payment System, the Passenger will be liable to make the payment to the Driver in cash.


2.21. In case the Passenger’s mobile phone is stolen or lost, third parties cannot access Passenger’s credit card information. However, in such case the Passenger must notify TUKXI and request that her/his information is deleted. Otherwise, third parties can use the App and continue making taxi payments.


2.22 TUKXI cannot be held liable for such payments made over the App.

2.23. The Passenger agrees not to cause any damage to the taxi she/he hails.

2.24. If the Passenger forgets any items in the vehicle, she/he can call Tukxi’s customer service and request to reach the Driver. In such case, Tukxi’s customer service will contact the Driver for the relevant item and if the Driver confirms that the item is in the vehicle, the Passenger and the Driver can mutually share their contact information with each other to collect the lost item. While delivering the lost item to the location requested by the Passenger, the Driver may open the taximeter. TUKXI will only facilitate the communication between the Driver and the Passenger for recovery of the lost items but cannot in any way be held liable.

2.25. Passenger may inform TUKXI, through complaints section in the App with regard to the complaints about Drivers. In such case, TUKXI will give a warning to the relevant Drivers and may disengage with Drivers who repeatedly are complained about. However, since the App is a technological platform aiming to connect Drivers with Passengers and enhancing the quality of taxi rides and increasing their use, TUKXI cannot in any way be held liable for any actions or omissions of the Drivers.


2.26. Passenger agrees not to take any action that could be abusive of the services offered by TUKXI free of charge.


2.27. Tukxi reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Passenger’s membership to the App in case the Passenger breaches these Terms.


2.28. Passenger agrees to use the App lawfully and properly and that he/she will be legally held liable for any unlawful action using the App. TUKXI cannot be held liable directly or indirectly for any unlawful transaction made and/or action taken within or through the App by the Passenger.


2.29. TUKXI  cannot in any way be held liable in case the Passenger is unable to benefit from the services provided in the App due to technical difficulties caused by the Passenger; and the Passenger will not be entitled to bring any claim whatsoever against TUKXI  therefore.


2.30. Passenger agrees that TUKXI cannot be held responsible, directly, or indirectly, for any transactions and/or actions performed by the Driver and/or third parties in violation of these Terms or law over the App or via the App.

2.31. Passenger agrees that she/he is fully responsible for the security and storage of her/his system access tools (username, password, etc.) used in order to benefit from the services offered by TUKXI through the App.


2.32. Passenger agrees not to duplicate, copy, distribute and process any image, text, visual and auditory image, video clip, file, database, catalog and list found in the App in a way that will constitute an infringement to TUKXI ’s and/or any other third parties’ real or personal rights and assets.


2.33. TUKXI may from time to time offer the Passenger the opportunity to benefit from promotions or campaigns. In order to benefit from the promotions or campaigns, the Passenger must comply with the promotion/campaign conditions and do not engage in fraudulent behaviors (including fraudulent agreement with Drivers to take advantage of the promotion/campaign, making misleading statements or creating false Passenger profiles).


2.34. TUKXI may withdraw, suspend and/or terminate the access of the Passenger to the App in case the Passenger acts in violation of the relevant campaign/promotion conditions and/or engages in a fraudulent manner. If the Passenger receives a notification from TUKXI in this direction, if he/she thinks that he/she does not violate the requirements of Article 2.33, he/she may contact TUKXI Customer Service and object to the relevant decision.


Passenger may cancel her/his profile at any time without a reason from the settings section or calling Tukxi’s customer service at 1800 8904 199. Passenger can create maximum 1 new memberships profiles by using the same mobile phone number that was defined for the original cancelled TUKXI membership.